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What is Gnosis?

Certainly, we can define the word as "Knowledge or Wisdom ", but as Substance, there is not any language that has the cognitive, or expressive depth to define it, we can just grasp it by intuition; because in essence, it is by itself the language of the Pure Conscience ... The Wisdom of the Being ... The SUMMUM of the Eternal Knowledge: The Alma Mater of the Existence!


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A Message of Love
Collumn of the Temple

Gnosis , is the Divine Wisdom sung, written, recited and prophesied in all civilizations; it is like an ineffable, pure, delicious and sublime melody that is perceived by first time, in the body and soul of a troubadour; it's a cosmic and thrilling symphony that stirs up the deepest recesses of our being, it remains dormant in some and awaken in others; it is like a feeling of love felt in the heart of our very own soul, which leads us to the ara of the holy sacrifice, and to giving up life itself for humanity suffering incessantly…

Gnosis is an Eternal-Everlasting Knowledge updated in ourselves; it is not a way of life as many insinuate, not a distant or strange wisdom; it does not belong to anybody in particular, and it can wake up in a peasant as in a poet, in an analphabet as in a literate. In it there is no color, sex, religion, wealth or poverty; as it can be awaken in an honest, humble and decent person, it can also transform the evil doer, extracting him off the shadows and bringing him to the light.

It is really something very difficult to define. It is not a Science, but it relies on natural and scientific laws, is not an Art but its primary purpose is to acquire inner beauty, it is not a Philosophy, but it projects a clear vision and interpretation of man and of the world, and it is not a Religion, but its main goal is the union of man with God. It contains pure esoterism and occultism, the mystical-magical thinking of the wise, and encloses within itself the secrets of life and death; but the essential purpose is to take the human being to the "Intimate Self-Realization of his Profound-Inner Being".

Wherever there is longing or a spiritual restlessness; wherever someone wonders, Who am I?, Where do I come from?, Where am I going to?, Why do I exist?, Why do I live?, What is the purpose of my existence?... There is Gnosis!

"Gnosis is lived in the facts, it withers in the abstractions, and it is difficult to find even in the most noble thoughts"

Oh Gnosis, how beautiful you are, that the one who gets to know you never forgets you, because in you there is wisdom, pure love, harmony and happiness; in you there is life and a reason for living

The Teaching

The Venerable Master Samael denominated his teaching as "Gnosis" and to his groups around the world as "Gnostics". He created the Gnostic Movement, as a vehicle of diffusion to offer humanity, "The Path to Human Regeneration", the Synthesis Doctrine: The Sacred Gnosis.

Gnostic Teaching affirms that man has his Consciousness “Dormant”, which is trapped between multiple "Selves" or psychological defects. It establishes that the "I" is the source of pain, violence, suffering and misery to man. It exhorts us incessantly, on the need to change our way of thinking, feeling and acting, with the primary objective of seeking the Path of Psychological Liberation.

It emphasizes "Self-Observation" and "Self-Remembering", in coordination with “Discernment and Profound Meditation”, as analytical tools to cultivate comprehension and to achieve the gradual awakening of our Consciousness. Transforming ourselves, this way, in Explorers of our Inner World, in Seekers of Truth and of the lost paradise most beautiful of the universe: Christ!

The Gnostic Doctrine instructs us in: The Process of the Transmigration of the Souls, Re-Incarnation and Return, Symbolism of Dreams, Kabbalah & Numerology, Runes & Lamasery, Natural & Scientific Laws, Applied Psychology, etc. It requieres that The Gnostic Devotee be Mystic, Scientist, Philosopher and Poet, however; it is noteworthy, that the primary goal of the Gnostic Doctrine consists in "The Elimination of Ego and the Development of Our Real Inner Being". For this goal it proposes, "The 3 Factors of the Revolution of Consciousness":
Death, Birth and Sacrifice for Mankind.

Working on our self Inner Evil is a necessity of great magnitude. Working with Fire and Water is imperative for the Inner Birth. Turning on the flame of our hearts, in order to enlighten others, is essential for the awakening of our "Inner Sleeping Beauty”: The Essence!

The philosophy of the Master was always clear: "If the seed does not die, the plant is not born". So, as we "Die" (eliminate) in our defects, we wake up "Consciousness" and dispel the darkness of our inner world, becoming little by little more free of the psychological mechanisms. As we begin to "Wake Up", the Essence releases Consciousness from the "Inner World” and it begins to develop in our internal matrix, our most beautiful and greatest possibilities: The Virtues of the Soul!

Indeed, "If we do not eradicate the Evil Within, the virtues of God will not be born". Our Motto is ”Thelema”: Will Power!

The Psychological Work is not easy, but, there is a Power greater than the mind, which will assist us from instant to instant, and from moment to moment during our work: Our Divine Mother!
We must call her, praise and adore Her with all our heart and with all our soul...
She will guide us through the right path, and will lead us to victory...!

"Oh Divine Mother, Take possession of my mind and of my thoughts, of my reason and of my logic, manifest yourself in my feelings and in my doings, hold my hand, lead me through the path of good, instruct me, enlighten me, deliver me from evil; for Thou are my life, for Thou are my everything, because without you I am nothing ... You are the light that illuminates my existence, my strength in my moments of weakness, my hope in my moments of discouragement ... To You I pledge the honor and the glory!"

Most major religions and ancient cultures, are in fact, based on a Common Principle and Universal Knowledge; that everyone has their Particular Inner Being (GOD), to whom it is possible to join (RELIGARE), when we awaken our Consciousness and totally eradicate from within, everything that darkens us and makes us unworthy.


“All Religions are Pearls entwined in the Golden Thread of the Divinity”


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